TSX Broadway Marketing Experience




L&L Holding Company



New York, New York

TSX Broadway encompasses a legendary theater, a luxury hotel, massive outdoor LED signage, dining terrace and performance stage, and a 10-story experiential retail development, all wrapped around an engineering marvel and set along one of the busiest consumer thoroughfares in the world. 

Yet despite its uniqueness, it risked being viewed by tenants and investors as just another skyscraper in a saturated real estate market. The developers came to Union to fully unlock its promise by designing a dynamic marketing experience as magical as the property itself.

Within 3000 sq. ft., Union had to craft an immersive visitor journey that conjured enthusiasm, understanding, excitement and an enticing visualization of possibility. 

The experience was designed to immediately cast the spell of this star-crossed location. It seamlessly revealed the glamour of its façade, the wondrous engineering required to elevate an entire historic theater within the building envelope, and the ground-floor shopping this enabled to anchor its new retail mecca. Finally, prospective investors and tenants were indulged with the freedom to virtually explore and customize a variety of details, configurations and opportunities within the structure to better visualize their place within it.

Completed in collaboration with USIS, Warren Z Productions and The Molecule

  • TSX Broadway Marketing Experience
  • TSX Broadway Marketing Experience