Dick Clark Studios Media Totem




Syracuse University Newhouse School



Syracuse, NY

The Syracuse University Newhouse School of Communications engaged in an $18 million renovation of Newhouse 2, one of the school’s three buildings, which was dedicated in 1974 by then CBS Chairman of the Board William S. Paley. The renovation updated the school’s studio facilities, bringing them fully into the digital age and provided students with cutting-edge equipment and work spaces.

The Newhouse School agreed to name its renovated studio facilities "Dick Clark Studios" in honor of legendary entertainer and alumnus Dick Clark ’51, whose family was one of the main donors.

The media totem was conceived by Gensler as a way to engage and interact with students and visually tell Dick Clark's American Bandstand story, highlighting key milestones from the show with video clips, image galleries and interviews from various decades. The media totem is located in the lobby of the main space in Newhouse 2 and uses an iPad stand as a controller to interact with the content on the totem.

Completed in collaboration with Gensler.